Minecraft BATIM


Keep in mind Five Nights at Freddy’s when thinking about the concept of BATIM minecraft verison. Also, it is has a more interesting sepia-toned art style resembling the early black-and-white cartoons made by Disney in the 1930s. First and foremost, Bendy and the Ink Machine is an adventure game. However, you will also need to hide from some unbeatable enemies, look carefully to avoid jump scares, and, if possible, kill them with your axe or other weapons. It is too early to rate Bendy and the Ink Machine because right now this project is not finished yet. The game is interesting, however, from multiple points of view – it is not an open-world survival or walking simulator. It is an adorable good old fashioned horror/puzzle indie game with retro-style cartoonish visual style. How should you play BATIM:

  • Your character can jump and run;
  • Your task is to jump over soda cans scattered all over the desolated building;
  • Running as fast as possible can save you from death until you find a weapon;
  • Also, when roaming some locations, you can hide from chasing enemies.



  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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