Chapter 5


Bendy and the Ink Machine has two developed and published episodes. This visually stunning game demands a significant work of your brain. Prepare to enter an abandoned animation studio that is full of eerie secrets you are about to discover in the most terrifying way. This is the best way to describe Bendy and the Ink Machine in a short way. As soon as you hit the Start button, you are in a charge of an animator guy named Henry. After receiving a strange letter from his old co-worker, Henry decided to visit his former place of work. When he enters the abandoned animation studio, a player starts seeing everything in a bright art style resembling the early black-and-white Disney cartoons. Obviously, Mickey and Goofy were the strong inspirations for the developers from TheMeatly Games studio. It seems that Henry has to confront a crazy studio’s owner who wants to invade the world by means of black-and-white cartoons. This maniac uses an old-fashioned ink machine that is capable of making any drawn cartoons alive. The graphical style is definitely the strongest point of this retro style game and you definitely won’t find it in any other free game project. Being astonishing from the visual aspect, the game, unfortunately, lacks the alleged horror elements. Jump scares and strange sound effects are simply not scary. Bendy and the Ink Machine is more of a puzzle game that requires from you patiently roaming the rooms of an abandoned building in order to collect certain items. That is the only way to beat this game. Also, don’t expect unusual twists while progressing the pretty much linear story.


  • Original conceptual art inspired by Disney retro cartoons is really amazing and eye-catching;
  • Many interesting characters;
  • Engaging atmosphere.


  • Don’t expect more than a short linear story – the game is episodic;
  • Not very inventive when it comes to gameplay and mechanics;
  • Not enough horror elements.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is a good example of indie horror games made in a retro style, with difficult puzzles to crack. It surely does lack horror elements, being more like a linear adventure than horror, occasionally resembling one with awkward jump scares.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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