Bendy and the Ink Machine chapter 4


There are a lot of false and true facts about Bendy in the fan community. Let’s try to figure out who is Bends and why is this an awesome game character? Though the main protagonist is a former animator Henry, Bendy surely takes the spotlight due to its devilish nature and interesting visual. According to the developers, the image of this antagonist was inspired by early Disney cartoons.  That is why it is only colored in black and white. At first, this character doesn’t seem scary at all – thanks to the goofy wide smile, cheerful smile and pie-like eyes. You can easily recognize him thanks to such accessories:

  • white bowtie;
  • big black shoes;
  • a pair of white gloves (we look at you, Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat).

The shape of his head resembles a pair of horns. His size is about the same as Henry has.

As for the personality, it is still quite mysterious and causes many fan theories. If you take a look at the Chapter 3 trailer called Tombstone Picnic, you will understand that this living cartoon creature is mischievous, timid, impatient and has a bad relationship with Boris. Are you intrigued? That is the reason why the fans enjoyed BATIM so much. The most memorable appearances of Bendy (spoilers!)

1) Chapter 1 called Moving Pictures

During the first episode of BATIM players can see Bends only as a cardboard cutout all over the abandoned animation studio named Joey Drew Studios. This cutout will be the major jump scare in the first chapter. And the scariest thing is that this cardboard figure moves without any help like driven by some mystical power.

2) Chapter 2 called The Old Song

Once again he appears as the major source of jump scares looking like even a more horrifying cardboard cutout figure. This time Henry can fight it back by means of his badass axe. Cut that annoying cutout into pieces! But don’t get surprised when he returns later without any kind of damage on the cutout. And this is somehow related to pentagrams…

3) Chapter 3

He will definitely re-appear in the final episode of BATIM, once again playing his scary tricks on Henry during his horrible journey through the workshop. The reveal trailer hints that Bends will play the most important role in the destiny of the infamous Ink Machine. This antagonist is so popular that he even has an official and active Twitter account. You can play BATIM game right now. Two episodes are available free! Enjoy exploring the secrets of this mysterious cartoon on your own. Make sure to post your own fan theory about the origins of Bendy and his devilish plans on taunting the poor guy Henry.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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