One of the main BATIM characters, logically named Bendy, will surely resemble Mickey Mouse from the first Disney animated cartoon called Steamboat Willie. Simple and charming art style will definitely conquer your heart – you may even have a feeling that you are walking around in a cartoon, not in a game. However, this is a cartoon that can’t be shown to kids. Because Bendy and the Ink Machine is disturbing, sometimes very disturbing. As soon as you start playing Henry – the main protagonist who visits an abandoned animation studio – you understand that something is very wrong about this building. A gamer can practically smell a terrifying atmosphere of the deserted studio inhabited by quite strange creatures. Your task is to find and repair a certain machine working on ink. Most of your time will be occupied with solving riddles in the process. That is the primary objective in this indie game stuffed with puzzles. However, achieving this goal can be rather challenging. You can download all episodes of Bendy and the Ink Machine free or pay as much as you want – that’s the official policy of the developers from TheMeatly Games. Currently, you can play two chapters and the third one is coming soon. This is a great adventure that has already gained a lot of interest in the gaming community. Definitely worth trying.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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